Monday, November 14, 2011

ABC Wednesdays - Monday Edition

The past couple Wednesdays have been crazy! I have had to see the Doctor every Wednesday for the past two weeks. Thankfully, this past week I think they have gotten me straightened out. Anyways, we're a little behind on our ABC Wednesdays. So today we did a special Monday edition with the letter C.

First our evening began with eating cheeseburger mac for supper. This is a family favorite!


Then Eli and Daddy decorated some Christmas cookies that I had baked earlier today. He didn't care for putting the icing on the cookies but loved putting the sprinkles on! He was so excited!

The finished product!

He went a little over board with the sprinkles at first!

Such a good Daddy.

Licking the extra sprinkles off the paper plate. Of course, this is something his Daddy showed him to do!

Once Eli and Daddy were done with the cookies, we went and got Bri from her nap. Now was the time Mommy had been waiting for! Christmas decorating. More specifically the Christmas tree! I love putting on the Christmas music and just being with the family as we put our special sentimental ornaments on our family tree.

This year, some of our lights on our pre-lit tree were out. So the kids and I went to Wal-Mart to get new lights. Eli picked the colored lights over the white (which is what our tree is lit with) and it looks great with the lights mixed. Our colored lights blink and the white lights stay on. Both Eli and Brianna really love the lights.

While Daddy was stringing the lights there was a little dancing going on to the Christmas music.

Then the Christmas tree decorating began!

Could these babies be any cuter?

Making sure Daddy does it right!

Eli hanging the first ornament on the 2011 Burnham Christmas tree!

Love this one!

Daddy's first Christmas ornament! 29 years old.

This was Eli's first Christmas. Where does the time go?

 Our first married Christmas.

Merry Christmas from us to you!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day!

Long time, no blog! This Mommy has been super busy. Thankfully, I had 25 photo sessions during the month of October and have already done 5 session this month. So needless to say, all my "extra time" has been devoted to editing. I can not thank God enough for blessing me with such great business. It sure is making Christmas shopping a lot easier. By the way, can you believe Christmas is just a little over 40 days away? Even harder to believe is that I am almost finished with my shopping - except for my kids.

But Christmas isn't here yet and today is Veteran's Day. Ever November 11th we take a moment to remember all those who sacrificed for our country. Our family is lucky enough to know a few veterans personally. Scott works with three veterans at Sharps. So we thought we would take this opportunity to do something special for them.

Yesterday, Eli made cards for Jon, Josh and Mr. Jerry. (I just realized that Scot must feel left out at work by not being a J name, lol). We talked a little about soldiers and that they protect us. We sang "The Lord's Army" while he colored. He loves that song - our favorite part is flying over the enemy!

Eli only got to color with the colors red and blue. He is getting so good at his coloring. I have noticed him beginning to really pay attention and trying to stay in the lines. He makes small little strokes with his crayons and then sometimes he just goes crazy :)

Then, this morning Daddy and I made biscuits with sausage and cheese for him to take to his work. Thank-you for your service to our country Jon, Josh and Mr. Jerry. We are forever grateful to you and all the other servicemen and women who protect our country.

I was so excited today to get a great photo of my kiddos. Eli was hugging on Bri and I actually caught it with my camera. Here are a few snapshots from earlier today. Happy Veteran's Day!

My sweet babies!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our BIG Girl

Something big has happened the past couple of days. Our little Brianna is sitting up!! She's still a little wobbly but nonetheless, is sitting. She has it easy. When Eli learned to sit up we were living in a house that only had hardwood floors. Brianna gets to fall on a soft carpety surface :) Please excuse the fact that my little princess doesn't match in the following photos, lol. Rainy days are good excuses not to match and stay in your PJs all day :)

She has the craziest hair, lol.

Something else big that has been happening in the Burnham house the past few weeks is the transformation of Eli becoming an amazing big brother. He has recently began to hug Brianna and he always gives her kisses now before he goes to bed. He affectionately calls her "Baby" and sometimes "Bri-Bri". She absolutely adores him. She giggles at everything he does. He too now will let me take his picture with her :) This is great news for me!!!

They enjoy watching Spongebob together!

I am so blessed God has given me the honor of being these sweet babies' Mommy. I just love watching them together. 

The B-I-B-L-E

For the past couple of weeks Eli and I have been doing "schoolwork". We have been trying to learn colors, shapes, animal sounds and a lot of other things he needs to know. However, I had felt some conviction over something major that I wasn't teaching him like I should. The Bible. All those things are important for his academics but nothing is more important than God's word. So, I decided to redo our monthly schedule and do one topic on the same day of the week. For example - Monday is Shapes Day, Tuesday is Colors Day, Wednesday is Letter Day, Thursday is Bible Day and Friday is Craft Day. We do each of these things every day but the main focus will be on the specific topic.

Today is Thursday which means it's Bible day in the Burnham house. We have a Bible story book that tells one page Bible stories. Which are great for my little active 2 year old. Today we learned that the Bible is God's word and that it is God's letter to us. Although it was meant for a toddler I received such a blessing from it. Not only was it a blessing to see Eli so interested in the Bible but the message of the story was a blessing to me. Think about it - God wrote a special letter to us to read anytime we want. When we are in trouble, when we are happy and when we just want to feel the presence of God. What an amazing thought.

After we read our Bible story we sang a few songs. His current favorite song is the B-I-B-L-E. Please excuse his Mommy's horrible singing in the video below ...

We then colored a pretty Bible coloring sheet and then we recited (actually I recited) Psalm 119:105 a few times. Psalm 119:105 says, Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto thy path.

We even got the markers out, which is a extra special treat for Eli.

He had a little too much fun with the markers, lol.

After nap time we simply just sat at a window and watched it rain. To my amazement Eli sat there for about 10 minutes. He was in awe! Eli would point at the rain and then point at the ceiling. I explained to him that we should be thankful that we aren't getting wet. That we have a house to keep us dry and safe. He was very concerned when I told him some people didn't have houses. I asked him who we should thank for our house (looking for God as the answer) and he said Dad. Although that wasn't the answer I was looking for it is a very good one. I am thankful that his Daddy works hard to provide for us.

I leave you with this video of my brilliant little boy. Of course, I'm not biased at all! Happy Thursday!

PS -
ABC Wednesday had to be postponed this week due to Mommy having to go to the doctor. We'll pick it back up next week :)